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The 2012 Connor Cares Scholarship winner is Bailey Cameron of Diagonal.  She plans to obtain her Master's in Social Work to continue on and become a Child Psychologist.

The 2011 Connor Cares Scholarship winner was Brittney Parrott of Diagonal and Hannah Blanton
from Mount Ayr.  Brittany is going to college to become a nurse and Hannah will study Physical Therapy.

2010 Scholarship Award Winner - Brandi Goodale


Summer is on its way, along with our annual golf classic The Connor Cares Foundation is excited to announce the 5th Annual Golf Classic will be held in Mount Ayr Iowa, the date is July 7th Saturday at 9 am.  For more details please go to our news and events page.  

To register for the 2012 Connor Cares Golf Classic or make a donation , please click on the link provided below:



This years event will help the foundation support: Local Scholarships, Community Partnerships for Protecting Children programs, Positive Parenting and our local regional hospitals.  In 2010 and 2011 we have been able to support our scholarship program, and we have been able to support CPPC and the Department of aging that helped support Purple Program.  The PURPLE Program has provided yarn to this group so they can create baby hats for new borns in our local regional Hospitals.    The State of Iowa has passed a law that you must watch a Shaken Baby Syndrome video prior to taking your baby home from the hospital.  This is very encouraging and these dolls will make a huge impact on the education and understanding of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  

The 2011 Connor Cares Golf Charity Classic was held for the first time in Mount Ayr Iowa.  It was a great event with a lot of support from the community.  We couldn't have completed the event without all the volunteers and the people who supported our event.  The winners of the Connor Cares Charity Classic were:  Doug Taylor, Preston Taylor, Bryan Taylor and Jim Taylor.

The 2010 Connor Cares Golf Classic was full of excitement and the support that was shown to our cause was great.  This wouldn't be possible without the support from all the participates, friends, volunteers and family.  The tournament was held at Deer Creek Country Club in Overland Park, Kansas and was a great success.  The winners were:  Corey Eaton, Artie Kirchoff, Brandon Eaton, and Butch Eaton.

The 2009 Connor Cares Golf Classic was full of excitement and the  support shown to us during tough economic times was extremely encouraging.  We thank all of those that participated, donated, and volunteered for our cause.  The tournament was held July 2009 at the Deer Creek Country Club in Overland Park, Kansas and was a great success.  The winners were: Bob Horn, Scott Horn, Tim Aylward, and Jake Horn.

The 2008 Connor Cares Golf Classic was held at the Overland Park Golf Course.  This was our inaugural charity tournament and was a great success.  Thank you for your support.  The first years winners were Chad Platt, Scott Hunter, Sean Wright, Andy Hendricks.

The Connor Cares Foundation was created and is dedicated to the prevention, education, and providing assistance and support to children who have been affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

At 5 months of age, our son was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome, while in the home of his childcare provider.  We are truly blessed and fortunate to have a healthy 11 year old when faced with the knowledge that approximately one in four shaken babies die from the injuries or sustain irreversible damage. SBS is a life changing event for the child and the families involved. Our hope is that this foundation will help improve their lives.

If you have a family member who has been a victim, please go to our "Contact us" page.  All information will be kept confidential.

2010 Babysitting Certificate Graduates

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